Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Painting Collection IV - From the Old Days

Hern's memories from the youth are hidden in these artpieces so to him, they are powerful and touched

My Motorcycle
this work is one of his outstanding works from 2008 and been exhibited at art republic gallery. It was the first work which, techinically, he felt much confidence in conbining function into art and emphazing that art is touchable literally.
conceptually, this motorcycle is so meaningful to him since a lot of younger-aged memories had been much related to it. click for more stories about it from one and two.
somewhere only we know series3
mixed technique on paper size 122x77cm

somewhere only we know series2
mixed technique on paper size 154x122cm

somewhere only we know series1
mixed technique on paper size 122x77cm

All "somewhere only we know" works reflect the idea of everyone must have the hideaway where they only share it to a few more people, somewhere which can be peaceful, lonely or mysterious.

Some Parts
mixed technique on board size 200x200cm

Under the Boat
mixed technique on canvas size 200x200cm

The Long Journey of a Big Boat Part I
mixed technique on canvas size 120x150cm
The Keel of a Boat
mixed technique on board size 180x200cm
these works relate to the memories from his childhood when he lived in a house on the riverbank and boat was used as the main transportation. when he dived into the river, it was like travelling into different world, full of imagination and excitment especially when looking up, trying to push yourself up to the air but saw a big boat above you. Moreover, recalling the life with boat seems to be like fairytale which cannot turn back since boat is now rarely used.

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