Thursday, May 14, 2009

fix2 finale

pthe Fix2 opening exhibition went well and warm with all the nice supports from many people. thank you very much from the heart..
the works are still on til the end of May 2009 from 12pm-9pm

our independant space "gallery see scape" in the daytime

click here for concept of Fix2

"Lotte Stereo" (70x101 cm)

T.V. in T.V (71x101 cm)

Coffee Cup (40x50 cm)

Drain (45x62 cm)

Drinking Water Vase (40x50 cm)

Fountain (53x62 cm)

Yellow Tin Vase (40x50 cm)

the Festival series

click here for the story of switch head

Switch Head & Speaker Head (31x37 cm)

Switch Head - Bestto in the pool I (36x40 cm)

Switch Head - Bestto in the pool II (36x40 cm)

Switch Head - Bestto on T.V. (32x40 cm)

Switch Head - Bestto & Veto on motorbike (25x30 cm)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

mo rooms

mo rooms is now open, photos were taken from elle decoration magazine june '09

beansprount chandelier by hern is used to decorate the hall
*text translation*

Mo rooms
The newest
gallery styled hotel has surprised people by its strange construction of upright overlapping boxes-like building. 12 rooms were designed and decorated by different 12 artists with their 12 different Asian zodiac signs such as the Tiger room are designed by Chamni Thipmanee and Jitsingh Somboon, the Rabbit room is designed by Wasinburi Supanichworapash, the Snake room is designed by Torlarp Larpjaroensook, the Goat room is designed by Augus Hutcheson, the Monkey room is designed by Udom Udomsrianant, the Dog room is designed by thaiwijit Puengkasemsomboon, etc.

Moreover, every room is designed with the concerns of Feng Shui like where doors, windows,bed or bathroom should be located as well as details of lights, color and decoration used in each room should relate to each zodiac sign.
The hotel is fully facilitated with swimming pool, wireless internet. Toru's Stomache is hotel's dining which serves healthy food and herbal beverages suitable for each guest's natural element.

elle decoration june 2009

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hip Calendar - Fix2 Exhibition

Check out Fix2 exhibition in Hip Magazine,the coolest free copy magazine in Chiang Mai here

p.s. Hip 5th anniversary party is tomorrow @ Khan-A-Sa
5/5/09 at 5.55pm

Sunday, May 3, 2009

special blend - interview

Hern had been interviewed by DayBed magazine about his lifestyle with art

Vol80 april 2009