Saturday, June 26, 2010

See Scape Community & Artel

June, 2010

Hern has renovated Gallery See Scape by divided some spaces into 3 artist studios and 1 bedroom w/ simple living facilities for artist in residency project.

However, Hern Shop and Exhibition area remains with some renovation on the basis of artworks' security

KNN Gallery is the first one who joins our community with the private collection of well-known artists

on the openning party, 2 galleries, See Scape & KNN, had exhibited works from many artists. Some
had brought their works for us like the house warming traditionsof and some artists had created new works for the community.

after the opening, we had party at L.H.O.O.Q Bar with the music performance from Happy Band ( Lolay, Giem-ee, Pare)

thank you very much

the night before the opening

Sbyhair was busy with his painting

jui juis did some sound check

On the opening night

Lovely performance from friends

Artists in Seescape Gallery

Artist residence with private bathroom

KNN Gallery

After Party @ Lhooq Bar

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