Sunday, July 26, 2009

Panda Boy

the idea started when Hern had invited the
local street artists led by kobby create an exhibition at gallery see scape. Since there was boom of panda in our town so Kobby and his friends called it "Panda Mania!"

Hern thought it would be fun jamming as a host and he had been thinking of creating a landmark in front of gallery see scape for a while so he had decided to create a panda boy.

he made panda boy out of plastic tube and fiberglass, the light bulb was installed as it has always been used with his switch head works. panda mask was collected from a junk shop as well as a few more masks so he intends to make a head-switched mascot.

Then Hern had invited Yonyang Soontriya & friends to paint on the panda boy.
Soontriya & friends is group of artists who are getting more and more popular locally from their fun and sarcastic art projects. (Yonyang = Retrace, Soontriya = Aesthetic).

Soontriya & friends wanted to retrace a certain method of creating contemporary art when artist becomes an organizer creating an image and concept in their mind then planing and let artisans paint for him. According to this, Yonyang Soontriya & friends had talked to Lolay or Thaweesak Srithongdee, one of the most popular contemporary artist in Thailand asking if they could be his artisan. Lolay had made a deal. done!!

After Panda Boy had finished by Hern and the sketches were sent by Lolay, Yonyang
Soontriya & friends started their works with the accompanied by Hern and Lolay who were watching online through web cam.

*Panda Boy is now set at Gallery See Scape (in front of hern shop), Nimmanhemind soi17, Chiang Mai

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